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William Hardt
March 22, 2012   Mike Chapman   Owner
Flying Brokers   P.0. Box 2297   McCall, Idaho 83638

Dear Mike,

I felt it fitting to acknowledge to you how much I have trusted and enjoyed our friendship over the years. It goes without saying that your abilities as a pilot are extremely focused and detailed. It is for those reasons that I have had no reservations in having my closest of family and friends fly with you in the backcountry for both business and pleasure.
It is very apparent that over the years your unwavering desire to provide sound Real Estate advice and direction to others and myself has set you apart in your field. Further your ability to provide a much different aerial perspective on my land purchases over the years has truly been a deciding factor in those purchases. The proximity of backcountry recreation areas was very important to making my land purchase decisions, your ability to provide an overall aerial perspective was very compelling.

Thank you again for our relationship and the wonderful opportunities you have presented to my family. I truly look forward to continuing our friendship and for many more years of successful Real Estate transactions.

William Hardt / Managing Partner
Northwest Development Management Group LLC
Email address:
Phone: (503) 537-2039 / Mobile: (503) 709-9011
Address: P.O. Box 1832, Tualatin, Oregon 97062

Leonard & Suzi Iventosch
March 15, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

I contacted Mike Chapman several years ago via the Internet. I had been looking for mountain property in the McCall area for several years and found that every real estate agent I dealt with to that point (numerous) lost interest as soon as they realized that I was not an Idaho resident, wouldn't quickly make a decision, and would take a long time to find the perfect property. I was encouraged by the fact that Mike advertised himself as "The Flying Broker."

Mike showed me dozens of properties, patiently allowing me to view all the possibilities in and around McCall. Since I was looking for back country property to build a cabin, this involved hours and hours of travel, most of it done in his
Bush Hawk airplane. We viewed property in Secech, Hungry Ridge, Pistol Creek Ranch and other locations on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, remote property west of McCall (by flying into Council) and ultimately Paddy Flat, where we eventually purchased two lots.

Our real estate transaction involved the purchase of two back country lots, consisting of 28 acres. We needed to vacate two roads, initiate multiple surveys, deal with the landowner association and numerous other complex issues to close the deal. I told Mike then, and will repeat again now: I don't know if any other agent could have successfully closed this transaction.

As a pilot myself, I can appreciate the value Mike gets from his Bush Hawk. It is absolutely vital to his real estate work, and we could not have found our property without the use of his plane. Mike also has indicated to me that he is considering gaining a commercial pilot's rating, and having traveled into a number of back country strips with him, I can assure you that McCall Aviation or Ray Arnold would be lucky to have him on their crews.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need further information regarding Mike's capabilities as a pilot or real estate broker.

Leonard Iventosch VP Channels Americas
EMC Corporation
Email address:
(530) 320-0320

Jackson Cooper
March 13, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Mike Chapman for the past three years. I am a commercial Real Estate Broker and Principal of Sperry Van Ness / Jackson Cooper Inc. with offices in Boise and Donnelly Idaho. I am a private pilot that uses my aircraft for both business and pleasure. I met Mike through flying in the back country of Idaho. We have become friends through flying and real estate.

I have flown with Mike and sought his assistance in real estate. What makes Mike quite unique in our profession is his diverse skill sets and unselfish cooperation personally and professionally.
Originally I was attracted to Mike because of his Bush Hawk Aircraft. Once I spent time with Mike I began to realize what a truly special person he is.

Mike's reputation and service to his clients and community, combined with his unique real estate branding, has resulted in a very successful business model. I will continue to seek real estate and flying advise from Mike.

Jackson Cooper CCIM, SIOR
Managing Director
Sperry Van Ness/Jackson cooper, Inc.
Email address:
(208) 860-5795

Darren Vaughn
March 12, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

The reason that I selected Mike Chapman of Flying Brokers as our realtor to handle the sale of our back country property in Idaho was multi Faceted.

Contributing factors, seen as definite assets were his excellent background in both real estate transactions, his aviation experience and the fact that he has a Found Aircraft Bush Hawk XP at his disposal. This aircraft makes the showing of back country properties, exciting, safe and a one of a kind experience.

These attributes coupled with his energetic personality and excellent salesmanship afforded us both a pleasant experience and a quick sale of our property.
His ability to access remote areas in a timely manner is a must for the types of properties that he is capable of selling.

Darren K. Vaughn, President
Vaughn Investment Services, LLC.
Email address:
(208) 631-4203

Joe Corlett
March 12, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:   Re: Mike Chapman

It has been my pleasure to know Mike Chapman since he moved to Idaho. He and I are both in real estate, with his career devoted to brokerage, and mine split between appraisal and brokerage. Mike is an individual of the highest quality. His energy level is beyond compare. His attention to detail and his professionalism is second to none.

He and I both share the ability to use private aircraft in our line of work. The airplane is instrumental in accessing remote properties, aerial photography, and client relationships. I know that my aircraft has been used over 80% of the time
in my business endeavors since 1983. Had I not owned the airplane, I would have lost out on numerous appraisal and brokerage opportunities.

Mike's people skills are the finest that can be found. The glass is always half-full according to Mike. Having weathered the economic downturn has strengthened his abilities even to higher levels. His brokerage is well-known as a high quality business representing sellers and buyers in the marketplace. His expertise in specialty properties is common knowledge in the brokerage community as well as the general public.

Mike's commitment has always been to provide a safe experience to his clients.. In 2007 Mike purchased a new Found Aircraft Bush Hawk for just that purpose. This normally aspirated purpose built bush plane is an example of his genuine desire to provide the highest level of safety and comfort to his clients.

I would highly recommend Mike as a real estate professional. He is also an accomplished pilot who has helped with the Idaho Aviation Foundation's Wilderness Within Reach program for several years. He has flown disabled youths and veterans into and out of the Idaho wilderness in conjunction with the program.
If there are additional questions, or other information, please do not hesitate to call upon me.

Joe Corlett, MAI, SRA
Mountain States Appraisal and Consulting, Inc.
Email address:
(208) 890-1819

Larry Teufel &
Kormick Chapman
March 8, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

I have know Mike personally and professionally since 2008. I selected Mike for real estate consulting partially because of his flying skills and aircraft ownership. I have flown for business and pleasure since 1973 and whenever possible do business with other pilots and aircraft owners. The commitment and qualification it takes to fly are a good indication of a certain level of professionalism that I look for in real estate transactions. I also using flying terms to help convey and understand concepts.

Having used aircraft my self for business transportation in and out McCall for years, I can say with out a doubt that gives Mike an advantage
over the competition in servicing clients. Our largest project ever, Tamarack Resort, was awarded partially due to our ability to travel there quickly.

Mike's Bush Hawk is the ideal aircraft for the mountains and provides clients the comfort and safety they deserve. This type of business tool is simply invaluable in the geographical area and with the type of clients Mike serves. I will be using Mike for any property sales or purchases in Idaho in the future.

Larry Teufel, President
Teufel Properties, LLC
Email address:
(503) 784-8424

Rick & Jack Rezabek
March 8, 2012   Memo for the Record:
Subject: In support of Mike Chapman's Aviation Business Needs

I am a managing partner of Reliant Development LLC, located in New Meadows, Idaho. I have known Mike Chapman since 2006. I selected Mike as a Realtor Broker for my real estate purchases and future real estate investing largely because of his Declared marketing as The Flying Broker. I am also a private pilot and aerospace engineer, and know of the high value an aircraft provides in a business.

Idaho has unique, rugged geography, and many locations are best and only accessible by general aviation aircraft.
This is largely why Idaho has the second largest per capita pilot population in the United States, second only to Alaska.

I have used Mike's services to visit several sites by his flying us to them in his aircraft. I consider his ready resource of an owned aircraft to be a significant business advantage from his competition.

Mike and I have discussed several times the potential of future training as a commercial pilot or as an aviation mechanic, as job skills that will continue to be a central point of Mike Chapman's future livelihood, and his continued ownership of his Found Bush Hawk will be central to this.

Richard A. Rezabek, Managing Partner
Reliant Development, LLC
Email address:
(661) 714-6301

Oliver Frascona
March 14, 2012   To Whom It May Concern: Re: Mike Chapman Aviation and Real Estate

Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter is meant to encourage you to use the services of Mike Chapman when you are looking for real estate that is remote and not accessed by the services of a close in driving trip. Back country real estate is his forte.

I have know Mike since he was in Steamboat Springs, CO and always convinced that his abilities as a "flying broker" were a great enhancement for all prospective buyers.

The ability to "fly them in" or fly them over a property sets him apart from almost all other brokers and makes his unique marketing approach second to none.

Sincerely yours,
Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and /Greenstein, P.C.
By: Oliver E. Frascona, Esq.
Email address:
(303) 494-6309

Tricia, Russ &
Cassi Stromberg
March 13, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

I am a retired military pilot and aircraft owner. I first met Mike while looking for real estate in the McCall area. Mike's aviation experience and aircraft ownership was a critical factor in selecting Mike to represent me as my real estate broker as our mutual interest in aviation quickly led to the development of a business relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Subsequent to meeting Mike, I and my business partner (also an aircraft owner) have purchased four properties in the McCall area. Two of these purchases were aircraft hangars. I am convinced that Mike's in=depth knowledge of aviation community and aviation resources in the McCall area were instrumental to locating and facilitating the purchase of hangar facilities that met our needs and price criteria.

I am now a part time resident of McCall. From a brokerage perspective, the McCall real estate market is extremely competitive. Mike's aircraft ownership and capability to utilize his aircraft to show properties in the McCall area is both unique to McCall and fundamental to his real estate business. It enables him to access and support a segment of the market that could not otherwise be properly served without his aircraft and aviation experience.

As an active pilot, I have referred other pilots and people with aviation backgrounds that are looking for real estate in the McCall area to Mike. Several of these referrals have resulted in Mike successfully locating and closing on properties. In each case Mike's aviation experience, aircraft ownership or his ability to show properties utilizing his aircraft was a key factor in selecting Mike to represent them as their broker.

Regards, Russ Stromberg
Corsair Engineering
Email address:
(425) 503-1939

Joel Droulard

March 19, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

I have had multiple business dealings with Mike Chapman over the past several years. I have always found him to be professional, detail oriented, forthright and honest. Mike's experience and work ethics with real estate sales and as a private pilot have kept him on the top of my list as a professional person that I would recommend to others.

Mike has flown me into the Idaho back country in his Bush Hawk, and has assisted me with property boundary surveys in order to complete his sales transactions.

I have no reservations in recommending Mike as a realtor and pilot.

Joel W. Droulard, PLS
Droulard Land Surveying, Inc.
Email address:

Mike Boren
March 22, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Mike Chapman since 2002. I met Mike through our mutual interest in back country aviation and in isolated parcels of private property in Idaho. I am an owner or part-owner of four properties in which the principal access is facilitated by single-engine bush planes, and I am always in the market for more such properties. Mike is the only broker I know who has both the skill and the appropriate airplane to access all of my properties and all those I might be interested in; therefore he is the only broker I would consider using to sell one of those properties or to help me acquire similar parcels.
Without his Bush Hawk, his services would be of little or no use to me.

There are plenty of knowledgeable and successful real estate brokers in Idaho, but very few who are capable of understanding the unique attributes of back country properties with their access issues. Considering the fact that Idaho has millions of acres of back country that can only be accessed by air or on foot, and millions more acres where an airplane is the most reasonable method of access, Mike and his airplane fill an important niche in Idaho's real estate market.

Mike Boren
Gullwing Research, LLC
Clearwater Advisors, LLC
(208) 866-8555

Amy & Paul Swanstrom
March 13, 2012

To All:

Mike Chapman, naturally born happy, great guy, excellent pilot & mechanic, friend for life.

Paul Swanstrom
Mountain Flying Service
Haines, Alaska
(907) 766-3007

Email address:

Joe and Toni Slaymaker
March 13, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

As fellow realtors, Toni and I had the privilege to work with Mike at the McCall Real Estate Company, and continue to work with Mike today at the Flying Brokers.

Mikes has had a long term commitment to the Flying Broker brand, his airplane, and continued development of his skills as a pilot and real estate consultant to provide a safe, accessible service clients require and expect when searching for a complex fly-in property in the Idaho back country.

We entrusted Mike with our clients because of his ability to fly our clients directly at their convenience, in combination with his market knowledge of a very specialized segment for McCall area real estate consumers.
Mikes attention to detail and his professionalism in how he engaged our clients was a reflection of the skill required to safely fly in the Idaho Back country.

Best Regards
Joe and Toni Slaymaker
(208) 315-0681

First American
Title Company, Inc.

March 30, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

Mike has brought many of his clients to our office for escrow and title service through the years.
He never fails to gain a full understanding of a title report by asking the questions that make him a knowledgeable realtor. In our experience with Mike, he is always courteous, professional and full of enthusiasm!

One of the many positive comments we hear from Mike's clients, is regarding the exciting nature of how they came to find property. With his ability to fly clients to remote areas, Mike has taken his business to a new level of professionalism. We all welcome each opportunity to work with Mike Chapman and his clients.

First American Title of McCall
616 N. Third Street, Suite 101
McCall, Idaho 83638
(208) 634-4705

Steve & Kathy Muench
March 20, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

It's been our pleasure to work with Mike Chapman these past 9 years.

Mike was instrumental in facilitating our career change and relocation from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to McCall, Idaho. His great enthusiasm for McCall and his sound evaluation of the business environment prompted us to make a decision we have never regretted.

Mike has a passion and energy unmatched by many. He understands resort area real estate and has the experience and commitment to weather any economic storm. These assets along with the service he provides to his clients is a winning business model.

Steve & Kathy Muench
Email address:
(208) 634-4496

Bart & Colleen Lockhart
April 5, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

We have known Mike Chapman for over 30 years. In that time we have always known him to be honest, forthright, and a man of his word. We recently purchased a new home in Idaho. The transaction was very involved with numerous unforeseen twists and turns that were handled brilliantly by Mike. We found the property by flying over the entire region viewing ranches, homes and forested lots located in three different counties.

The degree of professionalism with which Mike handled our transaction along with the “above and beyond” service that we received was not just because we are friends but because that is the way that he treats all of his clients. With dignity and respect. Clients become friends.
Mike has a great enthusiasm and a passion for life that is always evident in the way he conducts himself.

We highly recommend doing business with Mike Chapman.
You won’t be sorry.

Submitted with pleasure,
Bart and Colleen Lockhart
Email address:
(208) 315-5481

Bob & Karen Dodder
April 1, 2012   To Whom It May Concern:

When my wife and I decided to sell our vacation home in Idaho's back country, we knew it would take a special realtor to make it happen. After researching our options of local agents in the Dixie area, we chose Mike Chapman, owner and broker of Flying Brokers in McCall, Idaho. Mike was the obvious choice to market our property. His unique client base, back country expertise and immediate access to remote properties via his Bush Hawk Aircraft, provide an extraordinary customer service to both buyers and sellers.

What draws you to Mike is his professionalism and good nature. He is always available for his clients on a moment's notice, and has an uncanny way of connecting buyers and sellers to the perfect properties.
Mike and his aircraft were able to safely fly our future buyers into Dixie for a showing and close the deal within a remarkable time frame.

Mike and Flying Brokers Real Estate provide a great service to the back country real estate market and we plan on seeking his services in the near future. We will continue to support Mike and advocate for Flying Brokers.


Bob and Karen Dodder
Caldwell, Idaho
Former owners of the Flying Arrow Ranch, Dixie, ID.
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